The best way to feel connected to nature in a city with 6.3 million people.

Want to see the view from the top of Sugarloaf but you're not one for cable cars and large lines? Have you ever been lying on the beach in Ipanema looking at the mountains surrounding you and thought "I want to go there?"

Itaway Ecotours is inspired by Rio's giants. The mountains of this city make it profoundly unique. A city with a dense forest, towering rocks, and a diverse ecosystem. 

Experience the best views, wildlife, flora and fauna in Brazil's second largest city. It's wild. 


Trails and Tours

  • PedradoTelegrapho.jpg
    Pedra Telégrafo & Wild Beaches

    Easy Difficulty


    transportation included

    Pedra Telégrafo is one of the most famous rocks. This is undoubtedly the best place for a photoshoot in Rio de Janeiro, and pretty beautiful place to enjoy nature as well. 

  • Sugarloaf Hike & Climb

    Hard Difficulty. Hiking, scrambling & rock climbing


    brief climbing section (equipment included)

    Skip the cable car and hike up the famous Sugarloaf Mountian (Pão de Açucar). Really feel like a boss when you reach the top after an incredible hike and brief climbing section.

  • Pedra Bonita hike

    Easy Difficulty


    transportation included

    A great half-day tour for families or people who love beautiful views without the trekking up mountains part. This is an easy 40 minute hike and a great day tour. Adventure into Tijuca Forest and discover more about Rio's rich ecosystem.

  • Pedra Da Gávea hike

    Hard Difficulty. Hiking, scrambling & rock climbing


    brief climbing section (equipment included)

    Pedra da Gávea is on of the most exhilirating hikes in Rio de Janeiro. One of the world's largest costal monolith, PdG is a must experience place. Feel the mysticism surrounding this space and marvel in the views in this life-changing tour.  


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